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I was born in Maine, raised in DC; now living in Baltimore MD and have been adopted by the French. As free as I can be.

You are an American skateboarder. How did you meet the Magenta crew and how did you end up riding for the brand?

I was living in SF a few winters ago and skating with my good friend Evan kinori he put in a good word for me with Soy and Vivien and around that same time Leo was also living in SF for the winter and we got to skate together and talk about Magenta and become great friends, shortly after the rest of the crew came out to film for Hill st blues 2 and the rest is history.

You're very picky with spot selection. Why? Have you always been like that?

The bottom line is I skate to have fun, so if I don't think I'll have fun skating something then I won't. On top of that in terms of filming I like to let the spot inspire me to film but also I like to try and not film the same type of thing I've filmed before.

I've always been picky but as you get older I think with anything your passion it about you figure out more and more what you like and what you don't. It would be nice to be one of those people that always has a ton of footage, but that ain't me and I'm ok with that.

How do you like living in Maryland? Do you consider yourself a Washington DC local?

I'm living in Baltimore Maryland now and I like it a lot, I have a lot of friends here and a great skate crew, it's really cheap and you can get away with pretty much whatever you want.

I spent a good 10 years skating DC, I grew up learned so much about skating there and will forever feel like DC and especially Pulaski park are my home. But it's also a nice change of pace to explore and be apart of a new city and scene.

You've been traveling a bunch with the Magenta team, what's your best memory so far?

Oh man, that's a really tough question. Every trip we've been on has been so awesome and so different. Both trips to Japan were so fantastic and really life changing. Every memory is a good one.

What did you learn from traveling with the Magenta crew? Did it influence your skateboarding?

I would like to say I learned how to speak French and Japanese... But that is still a work in progress ha. But I really learned a lot about traveling and and different cultures, and I'm very thankful for all of that.

I wouldn't say the trips so much influenced my skating, but skating for Magenta in general has really made me feel conferrable skating however I like and thats a dream come true.