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My name is Koichiro Uehara, I'm 29 and I'm from Osaka city in Japan.

You are a Japanese skateboarder. How did you meet the Magenta team ?

The first meeting was Leo, Yoan, Masaki and Guillaume when they came to Japan for filming. Then we had few good sessions. In the next year we went France for filming then I met Vivian and Soy. This tour became France part of Lenz2. I was yet riding on 5boro at the time. After a few years suddenly Magenta's Japanese distributor Uru offered me to ride Magenta deck. I already knew Magenta team well and they also knew me. I thought Magenta team is the one who would accept me. So my answer was straightly Yes.

You have your own way of skating and using spots. Where do your quick feet come from?

When I see just normal road, there is a lot of stuff like manhole, braille block, seam of the road surface, road color, road lights. I am always thinking in my brain these are my Spots, my created spots. Then I imagine how I can Ollie each those obstacles. I usually think like this when I skate alone. Especially good to think and skate when I'm high. But now my trucks are too loose so it's a bit hard to do the quick ollies!

How do you think Japanese skaters are seen by the Japanese society?

Not as good as Europe and America. They increasing skate parks slowly and getting better but then society might blow it hard on street skaters. I'm worrying that people will start thinking about skateboarding only as a sports.

What's your best memory from a Magenta trip?

France tour in 2012. That was amazing. I could have been a lot of places and met many skaters in over three weeks. Another best thing is the tour has made a connection with Soleil Levant part. I definitely want to go visit France again right now.

How do you manage to communicate with your Magenta team mates? Is the language barrier ever a problem for you ?

I can't speak much English, so I'm trying to have a daily conversation with my vibes. I feel the language barrier when I want to talk with everyone more deeply and fluently. When we are having conversation I still can't do it with my English skill.

Please give us a Japanese proverb.

雨垂れ石を穿つ, Slow but steady wins the race. This means constant effort will result in success.