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I'm Jimmy Lannon and I'm 32!  I grew up in Sarasota Florida!  I live in Gainesville Florida where modern skateboard moves where invented by Rodney Mullen!!!  My sponsors are Magenta, Coalatree organics, Lakai, Westside skateshop, Paradise wheels, and Krux trux!

You're an American skateboarder and you skate for a French company , how did you meet the Magenta team ?

My friend Ryan Garshell made the connection!  Ryan had meet Leo skating in San Francisco.  Leo invited Ryan to visit France.  Ryan went and meet Vivien and Soy.  They thought I was still riding for element?  I didn't have a board sponsor at the time!  So Ryan let them know I would be down for Magenta!

Before Magenta, you were riding for other brands. What is your perception of Magenta compared to other companies?

It's great to be on a small brand that is skateboarder owned and operated!  The team is culturally diverse!  The opportunity to travel places like France and Japan have been amazing! I am so grateful to be apart of a brand that portrays skateboarding as an art form not a sport!  Soy's art is wonderful as well so it's always nice to just look at your board!  I like that everyone involved with Magenta has the same taste!  So it's easy to really enjoy skateboarding!

What is your daily routine?

My daily routine is rise, water, poop 1, eat 1, coffee, poop 2, stretch, skate, swim?, eat 2, skate, chill, eat 3, movie, sex?, and sleep!

What is your favorite city you visited with the Magenta crew? Why?

Japan overall was one of my favorite country's we visited!  Each city has it's own charm!  Osaka was my favorite TBPR is why!  Takahiro Morita is a real inspiration and so fun to skate and chill with!  So Tokyo is the best too!  It's hard to pick a favorite?  Went to Perth Australia with Leo and Koichiro!  Big ups to Josh Roberts, James Whinery, Liu, and all the Perth homies!

How did you get your magical pop? Do you have any secret diet?

My pop is attributed to years of conditioning!  When I was young I practiced Karate for many years!  One of my favorite things to do at Karate class was jumping the kicking bags!  So martial arts gave me the agility and discipline to be a natural at skateboarding!  Yoga is great way to improve your pop as well!  Eating and resting well are key in feeling good to skate!  Push ups help your pop too or a pull ups!